On December 29th, 2004, the website www.yakiniquest.com was launched and was soon acknowledged to be the most trustworthy Yakiniku source in Japan. This website was the creation of five anonymous Yakiniku enthusiasts, who started “questing” for Yakiniku in year 1998 and eventually started to call themselves “YAKINIQUEST”. The YAKINIQUEST were, and continue to quest for the best Yakiniku experience since they are obsessed by the unique, delectable and pleasing Yakiniku experience.

In fact, YAKINIQUEST has eaten at more than 100 Yakiniku restaurants each year for more than 15 years. This long history of anonymously visited and personal experience provides www.yakiniquest.com more than 170 highly trusted reviews of Yakiniku restaurants across Japan.

YAKINIQUEST’s empirical observations on Yakiniku and passion for helping to make the Yakiniku scene even more exciting quickly motivated them to expand YAKNIQUEST’s scope of activities. One example of this is the development of a number of new meat grilling methods that are not only visually cool but are now also regarded by experts as a valid Yakiniku technique. In addition, YAKINIQUEST has also become authors of several books and have contributed countless articles in print media. Furthermore, YAKINIQUEST has collaborated with Japan National Tourism Organization and created dedicated content for its website encouraging potential Taiwanese tourists to visit Japan.

In the course of “questing Yakiniku”, YAKINIQUEST has become convinced that Yakiniku is an authentic Japanese cuisine which has a huge potential on both domestic and international stage. To this end, YAKINIQUEST has taken a more proactive role in unleashing its potential and disseminate the fabulousness of Yakiniku to the people all over the world. After much thought and contemplation on how to be successful in this challenging mission, YAKINIQUEST determined that the best course of action was to open “BEEF YAKINIKU DINING YAKINIQUEST” in Singapore.

As a founding member of YAKINIQUEST and with its full support and authorization I am delighted to provide a new Japanese Yakiniku experience here in Singapore at BEEF YAKINIKU DINING YAKINIQUEST. I am confident that you will enjoy the best possible Yakiniku in Singapore based on YAKINIQUEST’s unique and irreplaceable experience and knowledge gained from the 10 years of activities in Japan. Additionally YAKINIQUEST’s network of premium quality Wagyu farmers from all over Japan, inspirations drawn from renowned Yakiniku restaurant chefs and all the fellow Yakiniku enthusiasts who have supported YAKINIQUEST through the years are just a few examples of why I think after only a few bites at BEEF YAKINIKU DINING YAKINIQUEST you will quickly agree with me.

It is my sincere hope that you enjoy our food, service and authentic Yakiniku experience. I highly appreciate and look forward to your continued support.

Many thanks,
Suguru Ishida
Co-founder and Managing Director, Yakiniquest Pte. Ltd.