Graduated from a prestigious culinary school in Tokyo, Masaki has a variety of experience in a number of Washoku (i.e. genuine Japanese) restaurants. During the last three years as the chief chef at YAKINIKU SHIBAURA -one of the best yakiniku restaurant in Tokyo, he has explored the potential of Wagyu beef by purchasing the whole bulk of meat and studying the various cuts and tastes – ideal sauces/condiments which match each cut and part, respectively. Leveraging his Washoku background, Masaki is also acclaimed for blending Washoku style Wagyu course into Yakiniku cuisine where he stood out from the crowd.
Masaki shares the vision of YAKINIQUEST – spreading the power of YAKINIKU all over the world. He is ready to take the role at “BEEF YAKINIKU DINING YAKINIQUEST” where he envisions to be adding a new flavor to Singapore.