◼︎Weekend Early Bird Promotion


Dinner between 5pm-7pm will be entitled for 10% off from total bill (Only Saturdays & Sundays) .
Enjoy YAKINIKU dinner with your dearest family!
*Seat will be until 7pm and must be seated by 5:30pm.


◼︎復活!ホルモンづくしコース お一人様 $92++
Special Organs Course $92++/pax
20(mon) – 26(sun) Feb 2017, only 1 week

With two top picks of the most popular organs “Tongue” and “HARAMI(Outside Skirt)”, Try and indulge yourself with many kinds of Wagyu organs.
HARAMI(Outside Skirt), Tongue, Tail and TSURAMI(Cheek) are the muscle-based meats which are similar portion of beef with a bolder flavor. Enjoy different textures of GIARA(Abomasum) , SHOUCHOU(Small Intestine) and MINO(Mountain Chain Tripe) , some are chewy and others melt in your mouth!!!


– Starter:Wagyu Innards Stew/ Assorted Japanese Pickles/ Japanese Salad
– Sashimi:Wagyu Cheek Sashimi
– Meat1 :Comparing 3 kinds of Tongue (Prime Tongue/ Tongue with Leek/ Lower Portion of Tongue)
– Meat2 :GIARA(Abomasum)/ Tail or HATSU(Heart)
– Palate Cleanser:Gazpacho
– Meat3 :HARAMI(Outside Skirt)/ MINO(Mountain Chain Tripe)
– Meat4 :SHOUCHOU(Small Intestine) and TSURAMI(Cheek) TEPPAN STYLE
– Closer Dish:Rice and Tail Soup *Rice Free Flow
– Dessert:Ice Cream
* Available for groups of 2 or more.
* While stocks last each day.
* Course menu reservation is necessary at least one day ahead of your visit.
* Please choose the same course for all guests (not applicable for kids).

2周年記念 Second Anniversary Special
◼︎メニューにはないおまかせコース $150++(通常価格$200++)
◼︎Unlisted Omakase Course $150++ *U.P.$200++
31 Jan – 3 Feb 2017, only 4 days



Indulge in our “Unlisted” Omakase Course created by Owner Ishida and Chef Yuki. We’ve been creating Custom-maid Unlisted Omakase Course many times on our regular customers’ requests since our restaurant opened.
The dinner includes not only our premium Wagyu beef but also fresh and juicy Japanese Sea Urchin and Foie Gras.

– Starter *3 kinds
– Salad
– Beef Sashimi *2 kinds
– Wagyu beef for Grill *7 kinds/ Including Organs
– Wagyu Dish *2 kinds
– Closer Dish
– Dessert
*If you have any enquiry or request, please feel free to contact us.

Available only from 31 January till 3 February 2017, only 4 days. Call us before Chinese New Year to secure this limited offer!SecondAnniversary2